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Skynoptik- Skin and Hair Care

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Skynoptik Age Defying Combo Skynoptik Age Defying Combo

Skynoptik Age Defying Combo

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anti aging cream anti aging cream

Skynoptik Anti Aging Cream

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Latest Reviews

I have acne scars, had used a lot of expensive products but could not get rid of them. Chanced on this product from Skynoptik and I though let me give a try. I donto regret my decision. The product is a good combination vit C &E, retinol, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid.

This stuff changed my life. It got rid of the dark circles under my eyes and also worked for the folds around my mouth and nose. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. I had serious bags and sagging skin the added working hours and tie in front of screen.

i’ve been using this anti pigmentation cream for around 1 week and it does wonders on my skin. It has niacinamide, azeliac acid, kojic acid and arbutin. I think it started to work from the day 1 of use, my pigmentation is reducing, skin is becoming lighter. It keeps skin hydrated for.

This has been my best investment for my skin so far.I am 58 yr old socialite and have been observing my skin degradation over the years despite trying out all expensive Indian & imported brands.This product Superserum from Skynoptik I apply only in night 3-4 days a week,rest of the days.

Amazing Vitamin C, this product has done miracles to my skin. It has done wonders. For so many years I have been struggling with dark marks on my skin. It combines Vit C with Vit E and has Gotu Kola , Witch Hazel extract. Amazing product OMG I do not even know.


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